International Business Support:

Since 1992 IBS is engaged in management consultancy, such as executive search, interim management and general consultancy, both on a national and international basis:

IBS Senior Consultants

Hans van der Sar  has had management functions on a national and international basis for Shell, Akzo, Stork and several other major international companies (Venture Capitalists). He has obtained much experience in interim management and executive search. His strongest qualities are thoroughness and reliability, motivation and creativity as well as resourcefulness.
Fritz Mulder  has had jobs in management and staff positions with Philips, Phonogram, KBB and non-profit organisations. He has accumulated a wide experience and expertise in the executive search and recruitment & selecting, especially when it concerns complicated assignments.
Tom-Erik van Strien  has been active now for 25 years in various roles within the ICT-industry and has taken upon him the task to be the professional searcher and headhunter within the IBS-operation.

Apart from the above senior consultants IBS services other sectors through external resources.

IBS Method of Working

Job requirements, responsibilities, reward structures and the company culture of our clients are our main guides. Only those candidates who completely comply with all the clientīs demands are introduced to our client. It is our task to select candidates for a job that suits them. The new job must be a next step in their career. The client has "exclusive rights" to the candidates who have been introduced to them. As long as the client evaluates the candidate, we do not introduce him/her to other clients. IBS attaches great value to the individual assessment of each candidate. During the procedure there will be a close contact between the client and the IBS consultant so as to fulfil our task to the best of our abilities.

The objective of IBS is to be active nationally, slowly international assignment are added to the activities. The IBS consultants will try to have the intake meetings and interviews in the area where the candidates lives or works.
If IBS cannot immediately establish a match between a candidate and a client, IBS will suggest to keep the rťsumť in our database for a possible future match.

IBS Selection Methods

Our consultants dispose over vast management experience in the sectors they service.

For special commissions IBS contacts people with similar positions in the market and tries to interest them for the clearly defined functions as described by our clients.
Should IBS not succeed in finding qualified candidates within the time limit defined by the client, the inserting of one or more advertisements with the companyīs logo is an alternative.

IBS Co-operation with other Companies

For clients from the non-profit industries and government services IBS works closely with a well-established institute for assessment, training and education purposes as well as interim management. If you are interested in this option, please contact IBS for detailed information.
Occasionally, IBS also works with other executive search and head hunting companies. The objective is to increase the total network search power so as to optimise the end result for both the client and the candidate.

Vacancy Listing

It is our intention that the vacancy listing is as complete as possible. However some relations do not wish their open positions to be publicly announced. Therefore we suggest that if your favourite job is not mentioned in the listing, you contact us.

Special Offer for relations of IBS

I have made special arrangements with a recent expat, now friend of mine, Joanne Vermeulen, a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).
She is an immigrant from Canada with many unique talents in closing contracts utilizing NLP.
She will be holding her first workshop in Gorinchem on 19th/20th of November, as well as on November 26th/27th and December 3rd/4th in Den Haag.
A Two Day Intensive Sales Training Seminar which will teach the business aspects of NLP so you can close more sales.
Take a look at Joanne's website for examples of what you can expect at her course, and many articles on how selling with NLP increase your income too.
If you are interested, do sign up early as registration is limited and ask for the special offer granted for relations of IBS.
Call Joanne at +31 (0)6 4853 1511

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